Decks + Design


Each of the projects has copyright restrictions so pages are limited to general information. 


I have developed, launched and created several lifestyle blogs for clients and myself including,, and They cover everything from profiles and fashion to wellness and food. It's a space where curvy women can go to be empowered, celebrated and supported. In addition, I co-founded and developed a site dedicated to showing how to live a cool life affordably. The site featured both print and video-based stories. 


I've been obsessed with fashion design and discovered a passion for creating graphics. is my online store that lives as a platform for my art. 

Eccentric Jude - New Masks Ad
EJ - Narvaez Tour Shirt
SuperHero Mask Tee
Vote - Die Cut Sticker
CurvySwagger Afro Towel
CurySwagger Towel Ad
Kitty Girl with Flowers towel
EJ Halloween Ad
EJ - Rudolph Sweat