Live Events

Unexplained Cases: A Unique Celebration Of Black History

Guest Host/Producer

I developed, produce and co-host the Unique Celebration of Black History episodes for the digital series Unexplained Cases alongside EP, Rick Garner, Host + Medium/Producer Maryam Faresh and Journalist, Darren Dedo. The mission at Unexplained Cases is preserving history while documenting the strange, paranormal and unexplained. The Black history specials are live 1hr episodes featuring a contemporary black trailblazer choosing a location/person in black history they are drawn to which Maryam remotely investigates and conducts a psychic reading. Unexplained Cases has a subscriber base of 3.6K+.

I develop and create live events from fashion and concerts to private parties and exhibits.  I have extensive resources for everything from venues and caterers to event planners and DJ's to convey my client's needs.  

Museum Of Failure - A+D Museum  

Producer + Exhibit Design

Rock & Rhythm Revue - The Federal Bar

Executive Producer

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