TV Clips

Celebrity - Talk + Biography

My broadcast experience includes a variety of television formats including Celebrity talk,1-hour news specials, celebrity clip shows, and home improvement. As a Post Producer, I supervise post sessions from initial sessions and network approvals through the fine cut, acquire and compile visual assets (including clips and stills), manage clips & clearance budget for the episode. As a Field Director, I create my shot list, direct, construct the story (including voiceover copy) and supervise the edit. 

Lifestyle - Fashion, Home Design + Hosts

Fashion, home design, art, beauty cuisine and alternative healing, I've been directing lifestyle programming for most of my career. As a director and producer I have worked with families, kids, pets and behind the scene experts from Chef's and Designers to makeup artists and furniture designers. My field pieces have been featured in both talk shows and lifestyle series. My responsiblities include field direction, topic development, media training, writing and post production

Celebrity - Countdown + Clip Shows

Episode As an Producer I supervised a creative team including an associate producer and production assistant. I was responsible for researching my topic, submitting my countdown list for approval, acquiring and compiling visual assets (including clips and stills), managing the clips & clearance budget for the episode, submitting assets for clearance, creating a treatment for each story, pitching celebrity talent for soundbites, writing and conducting on-camera interviews and supervising my post sessions from initial session and network approvals through the final cut.